#21MME – Meal 2, Eating By Example

#21MME – Meal 2, Eating By Example

“ The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example. ”
— Thomas Morell

As babies, we turned our head away or started playing with our food once we were full.

As we became toddlers, the people who modeled eating for us were our caregivers, siblings, extended family and family friends.Eating by Example

As we grew older, the examples expanded to include teachers, our own friends, artists who created the music we listened to and actors in the shows and commercials we watched, people we looked up to.

The one thing we had in our favor as children was an instinctive knowing about how much to eat, even if we didn’t control what we were eating.

We knew when we were full. However our examples didn’t trust what we knew.

What Did Our Examples Model For Us?

As we got older, we started eating more like the examples around us.

What did our examples teach us about how to eat? What habits did we reinforce over time about how to eat?

Todays #21MME is to go back to when we were young, when we had the kind of joy the baby in the picture has, as a spoon zooms towards his mouth.

We knew intuitively when we were hungry and when we were full.

Whether we’re eating our meal with a fork, spoon or our fingers, stop before each bite and smile or laugh.

Notice what happens. Allow whatever feelings or thoughts to just be. Choose to acknowledge them. Choose not to judge them or release the judgments once you realize them.


My Meal Two In The #21MME

I did the exact same breakfast from meal 1 and the first smile was more like a smirk. I felt silly smiling between each bite.

However by the end of eating the toast they were genuine smiles and I was feeling quite grateful for both feeling full and having enjoyed what I ate.

What Else I Noticed Though

This was an unexpected side effect. I had to defecate eliminate poop much sooner than I normally would have.

I hadn’t even finished half of my toast when I felt the urge. It was as though my intestinal track was doing a happy dance with the smiling as I ate. Or was the smiling giving me space in between bites to become more aware of my need to poop?

I don’t know. I need more data. 🙂

Join the conversation.

Notice anything different about the meal?

Notice any feelings after finishing the meal?

Was the meal eaten with others? What were their responses to a smile or laugh after every bite?

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