Eating Real, Whole Foods & Staying On Budget

Eating Real, Whole Foods & Staying On Budget


Do you have a food budget? Do you want to eat good food while honoring that budget?

There are two cookbooks I want to turn you onto.

I found Leanne Brown via Kickstarter and downloaded the pdf versions of both of her cookbooks From Scratch and Good and Cheap for free. (Clicking either of those links will either open or prompt you to save a pdf file.)

I’m impressed with the recipes and you’ll see many of them show up on the blog – with minor adjustments. (Many aren’t vegetarian and I am.)

But what impressed me more is how she’s going about distributing the print books. You can purchase your own beautifully illustrated copy for $20. However for an additional $5 ($25 purchase price) you purchase two copies, one of which Leanne donates, on your behalf, to someone who needs it.

If you spend $29, you receive your copy and two copies are donated by Leanne on your behalf. If you’re feeling really flush, spend $100 and Leanne donates 10 copies on your behalf and of course you receive your copy.

You can also support her with a $5 donation as a thank you for downloading the pdf version of Good and Cheap.

You can read more about the distribution plan from the Kickstarter page and then grab your cookbook.

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