Living a Long Healthy & Vital Life

Living a Long Healthy & Vital Life

That’s what I want and I can bet it’s what you want if you’re here reading this.


If we’re obese, it’s likely we’re suffering from or at a higher risk of disease.

The Centers for Disease Control states that obesity increases risk of the following health conditions:

Coronary heart disease
High blood pressure
Type 2 Diabetes
Endometrial, breast and colon cancers
High cholesterol
Liver and Gallbladder disease
Respiratory problems like sleep apnea
Infertility and other reproductive health complications
Mental health conditions

Heart disease is the leading cause of disability. Stroke is the second leading cause of disability. And yet food can help combat these and many other disabilities we suffer from.

Watch Dr. Michael Greger’s annual review in which shares the science behind eating a plant based diet and how it combats disabling diseases.

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