Cross Blog Conversation with Sherri Frost: Discovering Passion

Cross Blog Conversation with Sherri Frost: Discovering Passion

As Sherri and I close out the Cross Blog Conversation (CBC), she asks me, how do we discover what we are passionate about and how does this tie into our life purpose?


We discover passion through our own direct experience and through awareness and exploration of aspects that engage us from other peoples experience.

We explore by deep diving into our imagination. We have more conversations with other people. Ultimately we take action. We make subconscious notes and sometimes physical notes about the experience.

Passion isn’t some automatic feeling for the majority of us. I believe it grows from all the experiences we have AND from the actions we take.

It’s always evolving, ebbing and flowing.

Passion is a desire to know, do or experience more of something until we reach a level of satisfaction, which is as unique to each of us as our fingerprints.

You know you’ve discovered something you’re passionate about when …

  • You lose track of time doing it.
  • You don’t want to stop doing it.
  • You pick it up when you’re tired because you want to do Just. This. Little. Bit.
  • You’re willing to give up something else to do it.
  • You have a range of emotions surrounding it.
  • You believe you’ll never tire of doing it.
  • You get mad/confused/worried when you experience burn out around doing it.
  • You find yourself relating non-related situations, incidents and stories to it.
  • Doing it scares you just a little each time you start.
  • You can’t imagine not doing it.
  • You do it even if you don’t get paid to do it.

I’m sure there are more things that help us decide if we’ve discovered something we’re passionate about. Those are just a few I’ve experienced during times of intense passion about a topic.

I think one of my passions is helping others see that food is just as much a healing element in our life as is prayer, healthy optimism and medical science.

I’m also pretty passionate about eating.

Life purpose is willingness to explore our passions.

When it comes to life purpose, I believe exploring our passions is our life purpose in that moment.

So everyone living today, who is willing to explore a passion or multiple passions, is living their life purpose.

I’d say for 99% of us there is no big A-HA moment of singularly knowing this one and only thing is our life purpose.

Maybe it’s time to stop thinking we need to be like the 1 in 10 who has this singularity of life purpose.

Life purpose is expressed in every action, thought, feeling and belief we experience in the exploration of our passion.

I have to say Sherri, I’ve had to think hard and deep about your questions. I really enjoyed our CBC and would love to have another in the near future.

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Thank YOU for listening in on our conversation. As always you are more than welcome to share your own thoughts in the comments below.

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