Getting Off Junk Food: My No Processed Food November

Getting Off Junk Food: My No Processed Food November

If I were the perfect human, who wanted to eat the perfect diet, I’d easily follow the one perfect rule for removing junk and processed foods from my diet.

If it didn’t grow like that, don’t eat it.


However, I’m an imperfect human, who likes to eat what she likes to eat. Yet I’m not exactly enjoying the repercussions of eating what I like – physically sluggish, brain fog, bloated and tired.

I’m finding that the more processed foods I eat, the more I want processed foods. The more junk food I eat, the more junk food I want to eat.

I beat myself up for a long time thinking I had no will power. However, now I understand that will power, just like any other muscle I use, can only hold me up for so long before it’s fatigued and wasted.

Dropping junk food cold turkey works for a while because will power lasts just that long. Yet it hasn’t lasted long enough for me to make new habits stick and displace the old habits.

The Common Sense Steps To Eating Healthier

While I’ve used my common sense and began reprogramming my taste buds for healthier foods, I’m still not eating as healthfully as I’d like.

Doing things like:

  • Eating a square of the bar of dark chocolate instead of a milk chocolate candy bar.
  • Eating raw and/or unsalted roasted nuts and quality aged cheeses, instead of chips for crunchy/salty cravings.
  • Adding more fresh fruit as a snacks in place of cookies and cakes.
  • Drinking more water and herbal teas.
  • Eating 12g or more protein in my first meal of the day.

It still requires me to be very conscious of my decisions. It requires that I plan and also follow through on my plan to shop, prep and then carry these foods with me.

Eating Healthier With Other People

To be more accountable to myself, I joined a closed group on Facebook, run by Marcus Santer, the person teaching me Qigong.

While the objective of the group is to share struggles, triumphs and tips to eating as little processed foods as possible, I realize 10 days in, my personal objective is to finally see exactly when, where, what and why I’m eating the processed foods I’m eating.

What excuses am I giving myself? What triggers and habits are showing up? What do I believe about the processed foods I am eating? Do I believe they are better then the alternatives I used to eat? Yes, although I realize that belief is quite faulty. And finally, what satisfaction am I getting from what I’m eating, whether that’s processed food or real, whole foods?

It’s not something I’ve ever been totally honest about with myself.

Don’t Be A Foodictator

Remember that perfect human being I mentioned at the top of this post?

Don’t try to be her. I can tell you from experience, she is not to be trusted and causes other issues in the long term.

Perfection is impossible. Satisfaction, however is quite attainable.

While I won’t become a foodictator again, I do want to make as many healthier choices as I can stand AND still enjoy food for it’s social aspects, without any guilt about what I’m putting into my body.

Since my love for eating good food was subjugated by my foodictator, creating this not so teensy problem with binge eating, it’s time for me to be fully transparent and honest about what I’m eating, including quantities, in the privacy of the group. (Yes I realize Facebook privacy is tenuous at best.)

I’m happy with how far I’ve come when it comes to what I’m feeding my body.

I know I have a long way to go before food and I are both on the same page as it relates to my health.

I am on a mission to find things, including food, my body can enjoy even more.

Are you working to eat more real, whole foods? What obstacles are you facing? What triumphs are you experiencing? And if you haven’t started yet, why not?

Share in the comments or if you want, send me an email. Remember, you are not alone on this journey of harmony, healing and love through food.

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