Healthy Food – Do You and the Experts Agree?

The NY Times recently posted a chart that has nutritionists and the public rating about 50 foods as healthy or unhealthy.

HealthyFoodsPublic HealthyFoodsExpertsMany of the findings are surprising to me:

  1. Granola – 80% of the public said it was healthy and only 47% of the nutritionists said the same.
  2. Slim Fast shake – 47% of the public said it was healthy and only 21% of nutritionists. Really?
  3. Coconut Oil – 72% of the public said it was healthy and only 37% of nutritionists felt the same. Hmm?

Three foods experts said were healthy – quinoa, tofu, and hummus – aren’t foods that are found regularly in mainstream American refrigerators or pantries.

Yet experts and the public alike agree that fruit, poultry, baked potatoes, peanut butter, and oatmeal are all healthy.

The perception of what’s healthy is fueled a lot by marketing and package design – but that’s a different conversation for another type of blog post.

If you eat a lot of processed foods, you’re adding way more sugar and salt to your diet than you think, which is never a healthy way to eat.

If you’re really aiming to eat healthfully, buy 75-80% of your food items from the front of the store and the perimeter along the walls of the store instead of the aisles where you’ll find most of the processed food items.

View the chart and see where you and the experts agree and disagree about what foods are healthy.

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