Allergies + Road Trips + Snacks = Frustration?

I love summer. When I was younger, snacks basically meant eating the fresh fruit growing in and around my neighborhood. There were peach and plum trees, blackberry and blueberry bushes and a number vegetables growing in the neighbors like watermelons and cantaloupes.

But, summer road trips were even better.

KitchenStewardship_RealFoodSnacksOne of the big things I loved about a road trip was that I’d get to have snacks we didn’t buy, make at home or grow outside.

My favorites were powdered doughnuts and salty chip. Yet, what if I’d had allergies to gluten, peanuts, or palm oil or any number of things?

Summer and snacking could end up being a very bad combination.

The Kitchen Stewardship blog recently posted a Great Summer Snacking guide for kids and adults who suffer from allergies. Some of these I never would have thought about? Would you make your own jerky or crackers?

Read “The Best Real Food Allergy Friendly Snacks” and see all the choices available for your summer of fun.

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