Homemade No-Bake Energy Bites

No Bake Energy BarsI am a big fan of foods I can eat with my fingers and things I don’t actually have to cook. Plus I finally have a food processor, so I’ve been playing with making my own energy bars. Yet, honestly I just never thought to roll them into balls.

The photo shares one of my new favorites.

My “recipe” is a mashup of several different recipes, for which I didn’t write down any ingredient measurements – sigh. I haven’t been able to recreate these exactly but I’ve definitely enjoyed trying.

You can make your own mashup using the recipes from … Homemade No-Cook Energy Bites.

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    • Carrie, I love a no-bake treat ANYTIME. I’m still a fledgling baker and at least I know I’ll be able to eat these. 😉

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