Diets Are Dead. Long Live Eating.

SaneSimpleNutritionDo you know the hunger cues your body uses? Are you able to tell when your hunger has been satisfied by the food you’ve eaten and then stop eating? Can you spot the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger?

These and questions like them are difficult to answer when you suffer from disordered eating, no matter where you fall on the spectrum. The spectrum goes from binging to restrictive eating habits.

Nia Shanks offers a better idea of how to kill the idea of dieting for a healthy body and start eating for real again and still achieve a healthy body, plus a healthy relationship with food.

When it comes to eating for a healthier body, I propose a simplified, common-sense approach. I believe the most important information to use when deciding what and when to eat comes from our very own bodies. The only trouble is, many of us have stopped listening to our bodies. Instead, their voices get drowned out by all the conflicting information that seems to be coming at us from all directions and at all times.

The good news is that it is possible to learn how to listen to our bodies again. It is possible to eat delicious food, feel satisfied, and achieve our physique and performance goals—all while regaining our sanity.

Learn why … Diets Are Dead and Eating Is In. 

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