Kids Can Cook and Eat Real Food

I don’t have kids, I have cousins, lots and lots of cousins, ranging in age from 69 all the way down to 8 months.

I just learned that one of my 8 year-old cousins ate turnip greens for the first time.

I’m so excited that he’s starting to try different foods.

So when I heard about the #mykidmadethis challenge* from Katie at, I decided, even without kids, I can help my little cousin experience more real foods.

It’s totally free to join the fabulous #mykidmadethis challenge for August 2016*. Plus you can win some pretty awesome prizes.

Best of all – if you’re not sure HOW to get your kids in the kitchen with you, Katie has you covered from ages 2 and up.

You get all this just for joining the free challenge.

  • A plan to start small based on the age of your kiddo(s).
  • Step-by-step instructions in printable form.
  • Recipe book that’s kid-friendly.
  • Support from a community of real foodies cheering your kids on.

All YOU do is get your kiddo(s) in the kitchen one day out of the week for each week in August 2016 and share a shot of them using the hashtag #mykidmadethis in your favorite social spot or via an email.

Full instructions are provided when you click the image above or click here to sign up for the #mykidsmadethis challenge*.

I’ve just signed up and I’m heading over to my email now to read more and grab my week 1 plan.

Kids go back to school soon, (next week around these parts) why not get them in the kitchen now and teach them how to help make their own snacks and lunches for school. One less thing for you to do on those early school mornings.

P.S. If you’re not a great cook, or you don’t currently cook at all, this challenge is for kids of all ages, these baby steps can help you learn too!


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