#21MME – Meal 1, Eating By Feel

#21MME – Meal 1, Eating By Feel


When I say eating by feel, I don’t actually mean our emotional feelings.

Like all mammals our sense of smell and touch are linked when it comes to flavor.

You know how nothing tastes right when we have congestion from a cold, sinuses or allergies.

It’s because our tongue depends on our nose to help develop the flavor our taste buds experience.

When the two aren’t working together, taste is totally thrown off.

Although extreme flavors can come through, they are still muted.

Today’s Mindful Meal Experiment is to Feel What We Eat.

Using our nose, eye and mouth hunger, we’ll notice the textures, complexities, subtleties, flavors and aromas of the meal we eat.

What does the first bite look like? What colors, textures and patterns do you see?

What pleases you about those colors, textures and patterns?

What does the first bite smell like? Any particular smell stand out? Are the mingling smells pleasant?

What does the first bite feel like as it hits your tongue, just before you start chewing?

What about after 5 or 10 chews?

What does it feel like going down your throat?

You don’t have to write these down if you choose to, however having this information will make it easier to use in the future.

If you do write down what you found, make a quick note of what you ate as well.


My Meal One In the #21MME

I chose to do breakfast as my first #21MME.

I love a simple breakfast. It’s generally 2 slices of some sort of toasted bread with a nut or seed butter and honey.

This mornings bread was Arnold Dutch Country 100% Whole Wheat topped with MaraNatha Sunflower Seed Butter and a not so big dollop of Raw Honey from Y.S. Organic Bee Farms.

Does where it comes from matter in this experiment? No. I just list them because I’ll change them up and compare the textural experience as well as the feeling of satisfaction I get from varying ingredients.

The Act of Noticing Reveals …

As I lift the bread to my nose, the subtle scent of the sunflower butter fills my nostrils.

I breath deep. I really do like that sunny, nutty smell. I can see the bite I’ve already taken out of the bread. Hey I didn’t remember until I had taken that first bite.



I notice that the layers are in the same color range – light brown. One is dense and solid looking, while the other looks, I’m not even sure how to describe it.

It’s not flaky, or crumbly. Hmm, spongy. Mentally I’m not sure I like that word associated with my food.

I take another bite. My tongue hits the breads edge as my teeth skim over the sunbutter.

There is no resistance to tearing breaking biting into the bread or sunbutter. I feel the slight graininess of the sunbutter and honey stick to my teeth some as some also hits my tongue almost in the center.

I feel my tongue caress the rear of my front teeth to get all the sunbutter before I start to chew.

Oh I chewed that so fast that I missed any subtle changes in texture or flavors.

Chewing Even More Slowly Reveals …

On this bite, oh uh huhmmm, I chew deliberately slowly and can feel the sunbutter and honey melting on my tongue from the heat in my mouth.

There is a pop of nutty, salty, sweet as the food moves across my tongue.

Even after I finish chewing and swallow, the flavor lingers in my mouth.

My stomach is full. In fact, it’s a bit overfull. Not uncomfortable but definitely too much.

I still have just over 2/3’s of a piece of toast but my stomach hunger is satisfied.

As are my eye and mouth hungers.

I clear my palette with a swig of coffee and realize I’m done eating breakfast.

Join the conversation.

Did you eat by feel for a meal today? What did you find out about what you were eating? What else did you notice?

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