Review Philosophy



I like to read reviews.

But you know what irks me about them? After I buy the product, service, book or course, and the reviewer totally glossed over the bad, missing, extra stuff that makes the product, service, book or course useless or most useful to me.

It’s why I look for and read quite a few or only read reviews from people I trust to determine if the purchase is right for me right now.

That’s why I do my reviews as a play-by-play, without revealing everything there is.

When you read one of my reviews, you’ll find it’s a cross between book review and personalized cliff notes, because that’s exactly what they are.

Why Do Reviews This Way?

If I’ve chosen to do a review, it’s because I want to put what I’m learning into action.

What better way to put something in action and learn from it than to share it?

I also don’t blow flowers up the creators butt. If there’s something that could be improved or something that just doesn’t work, wouldn’t YOU want to know before you purchased?

It’s also helpful for the creator, so they can improve and enhance their work.

At the moment I’m not offered money to do reviews and if I were, those reviews would be done the same way.

And that’s why I review the way I review.

If this sounds intriguing to you, you’ll find everything I’ve reviewed right here.